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Why SculpSure Body Contouring Makes the Ideal Beauty Resolution

sculpsure body contouring

If losing weight and contouring areas like love handles, arms, thighs, and more is on your list of beauty resolutions this year, then you are not alone. While there are a lot of ways to achieve this, SculpSure body contouring is one that men and women alike have seen superb results from. Here we look at just a few reasons why body contouring makes the ideal beauty resolution, and how you can get started today.

SculpSure Gets Quick Fat Reduction Results

The results of SculpSure body contouring are fast and you’ll love that there isn’t any downtime. This makes the sessions convenient to fit into even the busiest schedules. Because SculpSure body contouring is non-invasive, you don’t have to worry about healing from stitches and surgery. The laser technology is advanced and only causes minimal discomfort, and some people find the sessions to be free of pain. Plus, the results are fast and your body naturally removes the fat cells over time, leaving you with a beautifully contoured body.

SculpSure Gives You a Confidence Boost

When you take your beauty resolutions seriously and get the desired outcome, your confidence gets a boost. Fitting into your favorite clothing makes life more enjoyable, and trying on bathing suits and outfits at stores is no longer stressful when your body is contoured. SculpSure body contouring takes inches off and leaves you with a nice jump in confidence levels, and trust that others will notice.

SculpSure's Results Are Amazing

One of the primary reasons people take advantage of SculpSure body contouring is because of the amazing results. You don’t want to waste time or money on gimmicks, and the laser technology used is FDA approved and the results have been proven time and again. Each person experienced different results and benefits, and these vary based on your body and the beauty goals you are trying to reach.

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You Begin with a Free SculpSure Assessment

If you want to find out if you are good candidate for SculpSure body contouring, you have nothing to lose! You begin with a free assessment to learn more about your beauty and health goals and to find out if the treatment is right for you. Here you can get any questions answered about SculpSure body contouring and learn more about what to expect from the sessions, how often the upkeep is, and the cost. Call today!

Why Renew Stands Out Among Other Weight Loss Services

5 Reasons Why People in D/FW Choose Renew Weight Loss Over Other Weight Loss Services

why renew medical weight loss is the best

Where ever you go in D/FW you are sure to hear an ad from a weight loss clinic or a weight loss center telling you how they can help you lose weight fast. Jump in the car and turn on the radio... a weight loss ad comes on. Drive down the highway, and, oh look, there's a billlboard for weight loss services. Get home after a long day, relax on your sofa and check your Instagram feed... more weight loss ads. Cell phone buzzes... it's that one coworker who won't stop hounding you about the latest MLM side-hustle. They're everywhere. And with so many weight loss companies, weight loss clinics, and (let's face it) a few weight loss schemes and gimmicks... How is someone supposed to know which of these weight loss clinics is the best? Which ones are legit? Which one should I go to for the best experience and the best results?

Well, we're biased, of course. We think our medical weight loss clinics are the very best in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all of North Texas. But (thankfully) it's not just us that feels this way. Men and women in D/FW who want to lose weight fast & safe with physician oversight and great follow-up support are coming to Renew Medical Weight Loss in droves because we seem to offer a few things that the others don't. Listed below are just 5 of the many reasons Renew Medical Weight Loss has quickly grown into D/FW's favorite, most trusted clinic for real, medical weight loss.

#1 - The Best Customer Service & Experience

At Renew, we are obsessed with customer service. We want everyone of our patients to feel valued, listened to, supported, welcomed, and encouraged. Christina (Flower Mound) & Lauren (Arlington) go the extra mile to make sure eash patient gets the support and attention they need to meet their weight loss goals. We think providing excellent customer service is important for many obvious reasons, but among the most important is that we believe our patients are more likely to meet their weight loss goals if they feel good about themselves and feel good about our relationship with them.

"I absolutely love Renew Medical Weight Loss! Christina and Lauren helped me throughout my weight loss journey after having my two kids. My previous weight before pregnancy was 130 lbs and when I had my son I was up to 190 lbs and after having him I went down to 170 lbs and soon after I got pregnant with my daughter and I got up to 220 lbs and back down to 182 lbs. When I went into Renew they were very welcoming and showed confidence in me as I didn't see in my self to get back down to 130 lbs. With hard work and dedication along with an open mind about the treatment (HCG/LIPO SHOT/ADIPEX) I was able to lose as much as 45 lbs (137 lbs) within 12 weeks or less. Christina and Lauren are sure to be there for you every inch you drop along the way. They are wonderful people offering great prices and they want to help you make a change to a healthy lifestyle." - Rolita T.

#2 - No Required Food Purchases

At Renew, we don't make you purchase proprietary foods, self-labeled supplements, and a bunch of add-on services. Our primary business concern is helping people lose weight in a safe and effective manner. We're not trying to push products and hock supplements. We'll help you work within the realm of your normal daily activities to make wise decisions, improve your lifestyle, and meet your weight loss goals.

"Loved my experience with Renew! Christina V is so friendly and really works with you to help you get the best and most affordable option to lose weight! I lost a total of 18lbs in my 3 weeks with her and was extremely happy! The staff are friendly as well and the information you get from the medical staff is great! I really felt like the care and treatment was individualized for me." - S. Williams

#3 - Custom Plans & Custom Pricing

The entire team at Renew is committed to treating each patient as an individual with unique needs. We are not a "one-size-fits-all" operation. We want to learn about you and listen to your stories of past weight loss attempts. We'll get your lab work and EKG results and we'll customize a weight loss program that is perfectly suited for your body type, your lifestyle, and your weight loss goals.

And along with our custom plans comes custom pricing. This means that our program directors can work with you to custom-tailor a program that is well-suited to fit your budget.

"I have had such a great experience with Renew! Everyone is super friendly and Christina really helped motivate me and guide me to reaching my goal. I was skeptical after trying so many other things but the HCG protocol has really worked for me. My doctor has even taken me completely off my blood pressure medicine after being on it for 20 years! I look and feel so much healthier. I AM healthier. I highly recommend this place and I'm so thankful to them for helping me get through my weight loss struggle." - Mindy M.

#4 - Weight Loss That Really Lasts

One hesitation that we hear from new patients goes something like this... "I think I can lose the weight, but I'm afraid I'll gain it back fairly quickly. I'm tired of yo-yo dieting. I'm looking for changes that last". We get excited when we hear this because we know we can offer these sincere patients an experience that helps them meet their weight loss goals and keep off the weight for years to come. Our follow-up support, post-protocols, and friendly staff make it our mission to help patients truly lose the weight for life!

"After researching medical weight loss clinics I decided to go with Renew at the Arlington location. I had an amazing experience! Lauren was great she explained all of the different programs and educated me on weight loss. We choose a program that fit my goals, needs and lifestyle. She was very encouraging and supportive. I'm 3 weeks into my program and down 17 lbs. Lauren and the entire staff were always professional, encouraging and supportive. I encourage anyone who has been struggling with losing weight to visit Renew!!!" - Latreese W.

#5 - SAFETY - Physician-Supervised, Medical Weight Loss

We're called Renew Medical Weight Loss for a reason. Our programs are all supervised by licensed physicians who have years of experience in medical weight loss. Our doctors make the patient's safety the highest concern and work hard to provide custom programs that help patients lose weight fast without jeopardizing their health. We make sure to pre-qualify all new patients with lab work, medical history review and EKG, before initiating any programs

"Renew is awesome. Lauren is the best at always being positive and encouraging! She is a jewel!" - Carla B.

3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season to Lose Weight

3 Reasons Why The Fall Is the Best Season to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

lose weight in the fall 2017

Any time is a good time to make choices that will improve yourl life and lead to better health. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter all offer great opportunities and strategic advantages to boosting your weight loss efforts. However, some say Fall is the best and most strategic season to begin a weight loss journey that lasts. Here's why:

Get a Jump Start on Those New Year Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are much easier to keep when you already have some momentum behind them. Start now by making small, simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Nurture these new habits in the Fall and you will be a lap ahead of the field by the time January 1 rolls around. Get that W in 2018 and exceed all of your goals by being smart in the Fall!

Leverage Thanksgiving to Lose Weight By Christmas

Those that qualify for the 23-Day Rapid Weight Loss Protocol can use Thanksgiving as a great time to "load" before they launch into their protocol in late November or early December. Eat all you want for Thanksgiving. Tackle that turkey. Crush that cranberry sauce. Stuff that stuffing. Dunk those dinner rolls. And pound that pumpkin pie. You can do all that as part of your loading and still be on track to lose 20-30 pounds before Christmas!

Sweaters Look Better When They're Not So Tight

As the cold weather starts to settle in most people start adding layers to their wardrobe. One of the most popular types of layer apparrel is the sweater. Sweaters can look really good. And sweaters can look really bad. Perhaps the worst sweater look is the one where it seems like the sweater is being streched too far, struggling to hold together. But all agree that sweaters look better when they fit right. Wear your sweaters with confidence this winter by initiating your weight loss journey in the Fall!


5 Things You Should Know About SculpSure

5 Common Questions About SculpSure

sculpsure 25 minute body contouring

SculpSure has become a very popular laser that men and women nationwide are using to destroy fat cells in stubborn areas of their bodies. The meteoric rise of SculpSure can be attributed to several factors including:

  • Its FDA clearance (SculpSure is the first and only laser FDA cleared for fat destruction)
  • Its short treatment time (only 25 minutes)
  • Its ability to vacillate between heating and cooling phases so as not to burn or cause damage to the skin's surface
  • And, perhaps most importantly, the amazing results that patients experience with SculpSure (up to 35% fat reduction in just one treatment).

Those who have undergone SculpSure treatments swear by the laser, but those who have never tried SculpSure often have questions about this relatively new treatment. Listed below are some of the most common questions people have when it comes to SculpSure, laser lipolysis, and body contouring in general.

How Does SculpSure Compare to CoolSculpting?

SculpSure has consistently outperformed CoolSculpting in side-by-side comparison studies and has proven to destroy more subcutaneous fat in a much shorter time (less than half the time of CoolSculpting). Furthermore, with SculpSure, there is no butterstick-like swelling, no down time, no bruising, and no recovery process. Though the cost of SculpSure treatments is in the same range as CoolSculpting, most doctors are able to provide SculpSure treatments at a slightly lower price than CoolSculpting due to the reduced treatment time.

What Side Effects Are Most Common With SculpSure?

Unlike CoolSculpting and other body contouring devices, SculpSure is able to destroy fat cells without causing burns, pain, or damage to the skin's surface. With SculpSure, there is no swelling, no down time, and no recovery process. The most patients will experience after a SculpSure treatment is a slight redness or discoloration at the treatment area that usually fades very quickly, often within an hour. Most patients are able to go back to work, to the gym, or to other daily activities immediately following their SculpSure treatment.

How Quickly Will I See the Results of a SculpSure Treatment?

The impact SculpSure has on the targeted fat cells will be immediate, meaning the SculpSure laser will destroy the fat cells within the 25-minute treatment of your targeted area. Once the fat cells are destroyed, it usually takes your body's lymphatic system about 4-6 weeks to flush out all of the dead fat. Once the dead fat has been flushed from the body the results of SculpSure become very noticeable (see before and afters below).

sculpsure reviews does it work

sculpsure results does it work

What Areas of Fat Does SculpSure Treat?

SculpSure has been used to destroy stubborn pockets of fat in the stomach, flanks, thighs, chest, back, upper arms and bra line. Most recently, SculpSure has been cleared to destroy submental fat (double chin fat) below the face.

How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

The cost of the SculpSure treatment will vary based upon the desired treatment area and the individual fat structure of the patient. Renew Medical Weight Loss offers a FREE FAT ASSESSMENT with SculpSure experts to determine the best treatment plan and the best pricing structure for your budget and your goals.

Sculpt Your Perfect Body With SculpSure!

Get a FREE FAT ASSESSMENT by completing the 'Sculpt Your Perfect Body' form on this page and get up to 50% off of your first treatment!!!

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