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Is HCG a Better Option Than Surgery?

Recents studies report that somewhere near two-thirds of American people are considered overweight and it’s not a statistic that seems to be moving backward. Year after year, more and more people find the struggle with weight loss is a difficult one and are regularly looking for options to aid in jumpstarting their weight loss plan. Sadly, many select surgical options that are inconvenient and invasive. They are also risky. Bariatric surgery can cause nutritional deficiency, blood clots, infection, and, in extreme cases, death.

A much better option to surgery is the HCG diet. It is non-invasive and provides reliable and proven result when patients follow the HCG protocol. Conservative estimates show that patients who follow a stringent diet (500 calories) and HCG injections could lose from 15-25 pounds per month.
Renew Medical Weight Loss can provide you with a free consultation, a series of HCG injections, weight loss results, nutritional counseling and support, and a post-protocol follow-up diet plan. We can help you lose the weight that you
Don’t take the risk of going under the knife without considering the HCG diet as a viable and proven alternative. We can provide you with answers to your questions. Get started today and start see the results that you desire.

HCG Diet Plans

A quick google search would reveal all kinds of varieties of diet plans for those taking HCG for weight loss. This wide variety of internet diet plans misleads a lot of people into thinking that as long as you take in 500 calories, you can eat whatever you want. This is not accurate.

If you have plans to undertake the HCG diet plan, one of the most useful resources in your journey is a nutritional counselor that can help you establish a proper diet plan that makes sure you are getting the right foods for you and your diet.
Nutritional counselors are trained to ensure that what you are eating is not only healthy, but also provides the best caloric options during your time of decreased caloric intake. These counselors have also proven that, while helping you with your dietary needs, they can also provide the invaluable service of helping handle the difficulties and cravings that you will inevitably go through.
The connection between you and your counselor during the duration of your HCG weight loss program is an integral part of your continued success. Many patients have found that they are a valuable resource during their diet. Renew Medical Weight Loss can help you lose the weight and make sure that you are equipped with the tools and personnel to aid you in your success.

Keep Tracking Your Diet, Keep the Weight Off

hcg diet keep off the weight

Losing weight is the first part of your journey to health. But it doesn't stop there. Keeping the weight off is as important, if not more important, than the initial weight loss. There are many strategies and protocols that Renew uses to help their patients keep off the weight. One strategy that seems to have a high success rate is to have patients continue their food journal-ling well beyond their initial weight loss cycle.

Live Science recently published a report consistent with our experiences. In an article entitled "To Keep the Weight Off Keep Tracking Your Diet" the authors report findings that associate regaining weight with the cessation of food tracking. As a result, they recommend that those who lose weight make a commitment to track their food intake for at least 4 months after their diet cycle. They should also make a renewed focus at the four month mark to consider their dietary intake and to make changes as necessary.

"The effects of food tracking, or "dietary self-monitoring," on weight loss have been well-studied, and the technique is a key component of what researchers call the "standard behavioral treatment" for people who want to lose weight and keep it off, Ma told Live Science. This type of treatment is the most effective non-medical approach to weight loss, according to the study."

It should be no surprise that the large majority of people who regained weight after a dramatic weight loss failed to keep track of their diet by maintaining their food journal.


The Best Fruits for Weight Loss

low calorie hcg diet

The Los Angeles Post-Examiner recently published an excellent article that discusses the four best fruits to incorporate into a HCG diet. Those on the HCG diet know their menu is limited, so its good to include the following fruits for variation and flavor without compromising the integrity of the diet. Listed below is a summary of the article. Click the link at the bottom of this post to read article in its entirety.

  • Strawberries - Strawberries go well with almost everything and provide a pop of flavor without many carbs.
  • Apples - Apples are great raw or baked. A universal favorite, apples can be added to most low-calorie meals.
  • Grapefruit - Grapefruit is not only low in calories but also has a natural fat-burning quality to it.

"The fruits above are loved not only for their delicious taste, but for their great effects on your body. Other options of fruit may be also fabulous, but in general they are either very high in calories, or do not impose any significant effects that you’d want to have during your weight loss process."

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